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The backbone of the economy: Small and Medium Enterprises

Owner of fashion brand Junoon Kanga

The government has put in place policies designed to stimulate the growth of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as they play a critical role in robust and expansive economies. With 57% of Omanis expecting to set up a business in the next three years, creating the optimal conditions for growth is an area that Al Mouj has focused on, and its impact is evident.

Each day, visitor expenditure in its 85 retail outlets, cafés and restaurants drive opportunities for local business and stimulate job growth. So successful has Al Mouj been at generating footfall, and supporting the retail sector through specific marketing initiatives, that it has achieved and maintained 95% occupancy rates, despite the challenges of Covid-19.

In total, 150 SMEs are now connected to Al Mouj and benefit from multiple aspects of its offer. First, location. With 3.9m visitors and 8,000 residents, there is a huge pool of potential customers, spending on products and services. Its location offers businesses access to regional and international markets as well as cross-border trade, which has facilitated the operations of 30 SMEs within Al Mouj. A further 120 SMEs utilise its trading platforms, hugely benefitting from events hosted by the community such as Souq al Sabt. Adding to the eco-system of support is access to investment and training, such as in customer service and booking systems for sea tour operators.

Aisha Al Kharusi, owner of fashion brand Junoon Kanga, recognises the impact of an organisation that understands enterprise: “Al Mouj has put in place everything that entrepreneurs need to succeed. First, its wide-ranging lifestyle, retail and leisure offering drives considerable footfall.

“Add to that its determination to support enterprise, whether through training or by providing a platform through its own marketing or a year-round calendar of events. Al Mouj’s strategy has been to unlock opportunities for enterprise, and it is an approach that will continue to fuel growth.”

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