Diversified economic growth

People, culture and community

Exceptional lifestyle

Sustainability and eco-friendly living

Financial and Foreign Direct Investment

Al Mouj Chief Financial Officer

All economies seek inward investment. It provides capital for expansion and further raises the profile of a nation on the world stage. As an ITC, Al Mouj Muscat provides non-Omanis the option to purchase a freehold for a property and the destination’s superb lifestyle has attracted residents from 85 nations and secured $884mn in foreign direct investment.

Ahmed Al Massan, CFO of Al Mouj Muscat, comments: “We have a long-term commitment to delivering lasting value to our community and to the Sultanate. Along with remarkable asset growth, and $31m in tax contributions, our growth strategy has yielded sustainable returns that have attracted significant foreign direct investment. Whether in residential or commercial real estate, we are a business-enabling environment, here to create durable partnerships that secure sustainable prosperity for Oman.”

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