Diversified economic growth

Al Mouj is delivering sustainable and diversified economic prosperity for Oman with $3.5bn total investment and 777% of asset growth since inception.  Foreign Direct Investment amounts to $884m, we have paid $31m in tax and invested $12m into Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. As well, we have accelerated growth in tourism, with 3.9 million visitors attracted yearly by a host of world class oceanfront leisure facilities including a championship golf course, marina and two 5-star hotels with five more set to open taking the total number of keys up to 2000.

Ahmed Al Massan

Al Mouj Chief Financial Officer

We have a long-term commitment to delivering lasting value to our community and to the Sultanate. Along with remarkable asset growth, and $31m in tax contributions, our growth strategy has yielded sustainable returns that have attracted significant foreign direct investment.

31mn USD

Total amount paid in Tax

+3.5bn USD

Total development cost

884mn USD

Foreign Direct Investment